AS a former resident of and now quite frequent visitor to Taunton, I do appreciate the paralysis inflicted upon the town by barely-manageable levels of traffic.

However, the proposed ‘improvements’ to both the M5 junction 25 and the crossroads at Creech Castle, which it must ardently be hoped will not be undertaken concurrently, hardly seem a solution.

Certainly, the flow of traffic into Taunton may be eased, although that suggests a consequent increase in volume!

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So where then does it go? East Reach? Staplegrove via Priory Bridge Road or the Obridge Viaduct, all of which are hopelessly congested already? Bathpool and the, to my mind, absurd traffic arrangements, which allow buses along the main A38 rather than the neighbouring new residential estates, while other A38 through traffic is denied (albeit profitably!) the direct route?

The demise of the park and ride at Hankridge and the opening thereby of free access to Blackbrook Way and Hamilton Road would seem to be particularly helpful.

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The most effective answer would seem to be the construction of another M5 junction joining with the A38 between Rumwell and West Buckland, although this area may of course have been earmarked for future housing development.

It may, however, reduce the likelihood of a tragedy such as that of September 14.