IS it not curious that Remainers seem to know so much better than I what I, as a Brexit voter, think?

When the Referendum was announced people took up positions almost immediately, without much discussion.

It is true, we were not well informed and we still are not, to judge by the misunderstandings and misinformation still circulating.

I voted knowingly for the unknown and a bumpy ride.

Such substantial change is not easy, but far harder is the huge changes about to come over the horizon on the digital front. Change brings opportunities. Has the EU the capacity/structures to provide for the flexibility and innovation to engage and react positively to all this?

It is top down in what is becoming a bottom-up world. Reluctant Remainers reckon it can, Brexiteers reckon it cannot/will not change. That is a subjective judgement on both sides.

How do we organise and equip ourselves for the very different life ahead of us? We need to concentrate on facts and principles not obsolete ideology.

We have fought two world wars in the name of freedom and truth. Remembrance of the Armistice asks us to look back but also forward to take responsibility for putting that freedom and the rule of law first, by respecting each other and above all the truth.