THE letters section in the County Gazette, as usual, provides a format to express diverse opinions.

The November 22 edition proved no exception.

V Winstanley and K Adams outlined the divisions that the 2016 Referendum has brought about. While N Middle's query on the EU pension pot is pertinent. I expect that Molly Scot Cato's payments will come from the same source as Nigel Farage.

The one I found most interesting was D Bradley's. A regular contributor, her recent letters have continually use the the term 'top down /bottom up'.

It seems to her the only way to survive in this ever-changing world is to adopt these principles.

Looking up these terms, I found the following descriptions:

Top down: Autocratic leadership, hierarchy of high v low.

Bottom up: Shared solutions,community ownership, local communities' participation in development issues.

What is the timetable for change over?

The excellent article on fracking in Somerset shows that it isn't on the near horizon, yet despite nationwide objection, the government will push through this scheme, introducing legislation to over ride local governance

The amalgamation of West Somerset and Taunton Deane Borough Councils ignored local objections and forced through the merger.

She campaigned against housing development in North Taunton, as many others did, only for the council to ignore those protests and wave through this and other developments.

This is reflected on a greater scale at a national level.

I don't see D Bradley's new world coming soon.

Instead, we seem to be on a path where the opposite will occur.