WHEN you see the pure unadulterated nonsense published in the Sun, Express and Daily Mail on Brexit, or what Jeremy Corbyn wore at the Cenotaph, hold the front page!

But when it comes to policies, these papers seem less interested in this Government for what they are. A cabinet of cabbages! And when Government polices unravel, the cabbages deny there's a problem and hide!

Let me start with the latest nonsense from our dancing Prime cabbage, the arch denier. Austerity is over? For her and many of her cabbages, austerity never impinged on them. But for those at the sharp end, like people on low wages or in part-time jobs, who are herded relentlessly on to universal credit like cattle to an abattoir. Despite advice from charitable organizations such as Gingerbread, the Trussell Trust and Mind, let alone MPs from the cabbages' own party, who expressed concern over delays of payments causing unnecessary hardship to families, all was ignored.

As for Esther McCabbage, ex Secretary of State for Works and Pension, she disappeared until it was safe to come out - only to resign!

Then there are the victims of Personal Independent Payment (PIP), also called disability assessments (PIPs are privatised), with their appalling tick list performed by medical clerks who are only following orders from their cabbage masters.

The clerks assess people who suffer from complex medical conditions. Why not a doctor? The answer is, it's cheaper.

Most fail the assessment, like my sister-in-law, who died of cancer.

Here's a list for you to contemplate.

Chris Grayling, the cabbage responsible for the Department of Transport, refused to sort out the following: Trains fail to run on time or fail to turn up, but is willing to bail out failing private train operators with taxpayers' money. Cabbage still there!

Sajid Javid, who is responsible for the Home Office, after the previous cabbages left, all helped to contribute to the following: Prison officers leaving due to safety issues and working excessive hours due to reduced staffing! Increase in suicides and reduction of safety for vulnerable inmates. Prisoners left in cells 20 hours a day. Rioting in several establishments and an increase in drug taking in prisons. Police officer numbers dangerously low, crimes unsolved or not investigated. Probation service privatised - producing reduction in staffing, leading to poor monitoring of ex-offenders. As for the Windrush disgrace, hardly the act of a civilized nation.

The current Secretary of State Matt Hancock and previously Andrew Lansley and Jeremy Hunt oversaw the following: A&E overcrowding, queues of ambulances waiting to unload patients; people waiting months for an operation.

And worse, the ones that make real cabbages look like professors of philosophy and diplomacy, the Brexit cabbages!

This country is run by vegetables. Taunton Deane and Somerset County Council are in the same party as these cabbages. Do you see the resemblance?

As for our MP, politically speaking a non-entity told by the cabbages what to think.

This government has a common factor with cabbages - They're bitter and green!


Monkton Heathfield