I WOULD like, through your paper, to make a plea to our MP Rebecca Pow regarding the forth coming 'meaningful vote' on the Brexit deal.

Contrary to the beliefs of many remain voters, I was not deluded or hoodwinked when I voted to leave the EU.

I did not vote in the misguided belief that everything would remain the same post Brexit, and I knew it would be a difficult and challenging time for the country.

However, I firmly believed, and still do, that in the longer term this country would be better off in control of its own destiny.

The current deal in no way delivers what I voted for. It cannot ENSURE any of the freedoms we wanted, not control of borders, not leaving the Common Fisheries Policy, not leaving the Common Agricultural Policy, not the right to agree our own trade agreements or to stop the dominance of the European Court of Justice.

It fervently hopes this will be so, but cannot ENSURE any of it.

Please Ms Pow, take note of the views of your constituents, who voted to leave, and reject this deal.

We should leave the EU on March 29 2019 and then go back to the table as a free agent to negotiate a future partnership. Not try to negotiate from within a transition period which leaves us hogtied and gagged, possibly forever.

Thank you.