THE Bishop of Taunton is calling on Somerset churchgoers to help build 'peace on earth' this Christmas.

The Rt Rev Ruth Worsley is supporting Christian Aid’s festive fundraising appeal highlighting families affected by conflict across the world and urges families to build peace in their own homes.

The charity’s ‘Be A Peacemaker’ initiative will help support its work with children and adults suffering from trauma, homelessness, poverty and other effects of war and violence.

Bishop Ruth said: "I find myself often making assumptions about others rather than trying to put myself in their shoes.

"This means I don’t have a true understanding of their pain or loss. That often leads to conflict in personal relationships and wider society.

"Many refugees are fleeing from communities which no longer feel they belong.

"Christian Aid’s call to us is to make the Christmas story real in us by seeking to be people of peace who try to see things from another’s point of view and listen. I am sorry that I don’t do this enough."

Last year's Christian Aid appeal raised almost £50,000 in Somerset.

This year Somerset churches are holding collections and fundraising events as they reflect on what peace means to them.

Christian Aid co-ordinator for Somerset Callum Humphries said: "We're delighted to have the support of Bishop Ruth and groups across Somerset who are seeking to extend peace this Christmas.

"Peace is at the heart of Christmas, but for too many people across the world it is a distant prospect.

"Today, one child in every six will wake up in a conflict zone around the world. And if things continue the way they are, by 2030 more than half of the world’s poorest people will live in countries affected by high levels of violence.

"This has devastating consequences for people’s development and wellbeing, children especially. It means people struggle to find food, a home, decent healthcare, education and an income. It means they can’t plan for the future.

"We want to see as many people as possible experience peace, and hope that people across the Diocese of Bath and Wells will be moved to be peacemakers at home and abroad this Advent and Christmas."

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