A WELLINGTON family are relieved after being reunited with their missing cat who was taken to a vets and rehomed 30 miles away.

Amanda Menear reported rescue cat Domino missing on November 15. She had been looking after Domino and his sister, who are believed to be around six-years-old, since March earlier this year.

Domino is known to stay out for a few nights at a time, but Mrs Menear grew worried when he didn't return.

Little did she know, he was staying in a hotel room in the nearby Travelodge, before being taken to a vet 30 miles away by a 'well-meaning' woman.

She said: "Just a few days after he went missing, he made his way up to the Travelodge on the edge of Wellington.

"A well-meaning lady who was staying at the hotel felt sorry for him.

"He is very friendly and she kept him in a room with her for a week.

"When he left the hotel, she took him with her and dropped him to a vets 30 miles away."

Domino was taken to the vets in Beaminster, Dorset, on October 23 and was rehomed on November 1.

Amanda and her family were frantically trying to find him, checking local websites for missing pets.

Luckily, the vets quickly contacted Domino's new caretakers. He was returned to his loving family on November 29 - but not before they were given a bill for £170.

She added: "It's costing me £170 in boarding fees to get my cat back.

"Please, to anyone who finds a cat they believe to be stray, don't take them away from the area they live in.

"I am relieved he is safe, but so cross at the same time with the stupid actions of the well-meaning lady who should have taken him to the nearest vets, which is less than a quarter of a mile from the Travelodge."

Mrs Menear refused to pay the £170 to the vets, but gave a donation to cover the costs of his food during his stay.

She says her family are 'over the moon' the curious cat is home, but says he's grounded for the winter.