WHY did Taunton have to close the streets on the day they switched on the (Christmas) lights? There was no need to, as all it was, was a glorified funfair, which, if they wanted that, should have been in the usual place where that goes.

It was the biggest load of rubbish I have seen in Taunton over the years.

Whoever sanctioned that on the council should resign with immediate effect, or be told to stand down as that was terrible.

People pay road tax and insurance to use the roads, not to find them closed for that sort of thing.

As for the lights being switched on, we have not had any for the last couple of years, so why start putting them on again now? It is not wanted.

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If they were going to be switched on by a top celebrity, I dare say that would be a little bit different, but now they are always switched on by a nobody. Who wants to see that?

As for the closure of the streets to traffic, if they go ahead with the pedestrianisation of Taunton, then Taunton will become a ghost town.

For a start, the parking charges are too high, and you can park out of town to do your shopping for nothing.

I think Taunton wants to take a good look at themselves and try to get people back into town.

The way they are going, they are driving people away.