WHAT caused sensible people who previously, before Cameron the Clown made the mother of all mighty mistakes by giving the most complex issue ever to the public to decide whether to leave the EU or remain (with no inkling of its complexity), swallow every piece of codswallop written by the over whelming right wing anti-European press year after year?

Were people reasonable and open-minded before but sadly affected by Brexititus? Contaminated by the worst examples from certain newspapers, politicians and UKIP, who spewed daily illogical hatred for Europe and anyone who disagreed with them, their shrill voices drowning out common sense, blaming migrants who have the audacity to work, pay taxes and contribute to our economy - an agreement freely made by the British Government, who needed workers in the service industries, hospitals and agriculture.

You hear Brexiteers saying 'better to leave with no deal than a bad deal'. There's a reason why people call this a 'cliff edge'. It's fine as you fall headlong down the cliff saying 'so far so good', but all the logic (remember logic) in the world tells you how it would be better if you never jumped at all, as it may not be a pleasant landing!

The other pile of &*# Brexit mouthpieces and supporting papers are keen to repeat is that remainers are 'elitists'.

What? You wonder what Brexit supporters and their press call multi-millionaires such as Reece-Mogg and Boris Johnson, all Etonians, along with Michael Gove and Arron Banks. Not forgetting man of the people, public school-educated city dealer, Nigel Farage.

So why did people vote to leave?

Well, if your schools are overcrowded with shortages of teachers and money, or your child can't get in, or you can't get a secure well-paid job or place to live and you wait too long to see a doctor, an opportunist will come along and whisper in your ear 'it's migrants, it's Europe'.

It's not.

These problems are home made.

Look no further than Westminster.

It's called fake news.

Here's some real facts: Our borders are monitored 24/7. Illegal immigrants end up in secure units waiting to be deported. Asylum seekers are processed as enshrined by the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR) as well as national and international law.

You, me and fellow Europeans are free to work, travel and live within the EU.

That's freedom and that's what's called, the facts.

This trick by Brexiteers is an old trick used by populists and the extreme right.

It was most successful in the thirties in Germany.

'Blame them, don't look at us'.

And we know where that ended up.

I know most people in this country are better than that.

I say, 'shine a torch and they will see the light'.

When you are drip fed poison by liars and snake oil salesman, when you are bombarded daily by stories like 'Truckers face EU ban on fry-ups' (the Sun), 'EU to ban Union Flag from British meat packs' (Daily Express), or the ludicrous 'EU forcing cows to wear nappies' (The Mail).

They take us for fools. I have a list of these 'facts', words from spivs and Charlatans. They say the EU are being awkward. They are not! They don't have to give us anything.

As for 'we are taking back control', when we join any organisation there are a set of rules and obligations, which we agreed to!

No gun at our head.

Just look at what we in the EU have achieved and realise how our voice was listened and heard loud and clear in Europe.

'We want our country back'. It never went, neither did sovereignty.


Monkton Heathfield