MRS May has postponed the vote on her timid "half in and half out" EU Withdrawal Agreement. What a dull surprise!

She seems to think that if she can obtain some "assurances" from the EU then she might be able to get Parliament's approval for it.

Most of us know that political "assurances" mean nothing when set against a legally binding agreement, so she has probably just postponed the inevitable defeat of it.

There is no future worth having in being timid with the EU, because the EU is an authoritarian bureaucracy supported by integrationist fanatics who tend to be anti-democratic.

The UK will get a much better "deal" in the long run by being tougher from now on.

Parliament gave us a "people's vote" in 2016 and it promised to implement the result. The result was a clear vote to leave the EU in its entirety: the Single Market, the Customs Union, jurisdiction of the ECJ and the whole shebang.

On the basis that MPs gave us the decision to make and promised to implement our decision, all those MPs who sit in constituencies where Leave won (including Taunton Deane) should respect the wishes of their constituents as expressed in the 2016 referendum and work to implement the result in its entirety.

Hard as it may be for some of them, this means that some MPs should set aside their own views on the matter and set aside party politics.

In the 2016 referendum 406 constituencies voted Leave and only 242 voted Remain. That's 63% Leave and 37% Remain, so there should be a powerful majority in Parliament supporting any government that seeks to implement our decision in full.

That is how to respect democracy. Where is that respect?