CHILDREN from Norton Fitzwarren Primary School have been inspired to help after learning about the lives of young people in Kenya.

Naftali Onchere, head of charity Mend the Gap, which seeks to raise awareness of the difference in living standards for those living in Kenya, first visited the school two years ago.

He spoke to the children about his work and the lives of people in the Bochoroke village.

Nick Morris, a teacher at the school, said: “After Mr Onchere’s talk, the children were keen to do something to help Mend the Gap.

“Since then, they have donated clothing, uniform, stationary and money.

“In the summer, the children raised money through weekly ice cream sales on the playground.

“With the ice cream sales alone the children raised £460, and the running total of fundraising for Mend the Gap is closing in on £1,000.”

Student Aidan Cattell has also been inspired to take on a charity mission for Mend the Gap, as he plans to climb Mount Snowdon with his father Matt in spring 2019.