I HAVE not once in my entire life felt compelled to write to a newspaper.

But having just stumbled upon your Facebook post that shows a quote from Rebecca Pow, I feel I need to express my opinion of what this clearly deluded woman claims.

Does Rebecca not walk through the streets of Taunton and see the ever growing homeless population? Is she unaware of the sick and the disabled people who are declared fit for work under her government's cruel and inhumane policies?

Does Rebecca Pow think that we are all unaware of the super-rich and big companies that are still being allowed under her government to avoid paying any UK tax? How much better would our country be if the companies that Theresa May's husband is involved in were made to pay UK tax? Or the local contracts that Richards Branson’s company is given, were given instead to a UK tax paying company?

Her government cares nothing for our workers rights, the use of zero hours contracts is a disgrace, people are travelling to their place of work only to find that there is no available work for them that day.

The government that she represents sells arms to the Saudis that are used to murder the starving children on the streets Yemen. The Germans, the Dutch and Norwegians, to name just a few, have stopped selling arms to the Saudis as a result of this.

Our government's greed however, is too great to be concerned with the morality of such things!

I think that this shows the importance of actually getting out and making your vote count.

The majority of the local population think that the Tories are a disgrace, but the turnout in voting is very low, so the Tory faithful manage to keep these out-of-touch politicians in their seats.

Perhaps now that we have all seen more of the shambles that is our “strong and stable government" really is, then the people will be more inclined to get them out.

To read that Rebecca Pow actually said “One of the reasons that I went in to government was because I believe people deserve a fair and decent life" just beggars belief.

It is actually sickening to see Rebecca Pow and the Tory elite trying to paint over the ever-widening cracks that are all too apparent in their government.

Let’s hope for all of our sakes, that they are a sinking ship.