THERESA May is completely ignoring Parliament by leaving the vote on her deal until January – this is totally unacceptable!

What I would like to know is, what vision do the ardent Brexiteers have of the future of our country if we crash out on WTO terms?

I suspect that the likes of JR Mogg, Boris Johnson et al would like to see more deregulation, privatisation of the health service and workers’ rights drastically reduced.

On the other hand, Jeremy Corbyn (a Eurosceptic) probably envisages a Marxist future!

Two diametrically opposed views on Brexit!

So, we really need some clarity and honesty from our politicians to help us make up our minds on this crucial matter.

We, therefore, must have another vote as the Liberal Democrats have consistently asked for and it seems more and more parliamentarians are coming on board with this idea.

David Cameron used the referendum to save the Tory party, and Mrs May is trying desperately to save this very divided government!


Hatch Beauchamp