I READ in horror of Taunton Deane Borough Council's decision to press ahead with the hotel at Firepool.

I agree that we need to urgently develop the area, but why does the council think that borrowing money to build a hotel has any merit?

Surely, if the Hilton believed there was profit to be made from having a hotel in Taunton they would have built one themselves?

Do the council really believe that this will generate revenue for Taunton?

I cannot see the residents of Devon, Dorset and Wiltshire really saying "let's go to Taunton because we can stay in a Hilton".

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What's needed in Taunton is an attraction that will pull people in to stay overnight in the hotels that are already in the area.

This has obviously happened with the Cricket World Cup, as I'm sure the hotels in and around Taunton are also booked up.

Why not a multi-purpose building for both the performing arts and a sporting venue?

I'm sure we could attract bands, off-West End shows and sporting events such as snooker, darts or boxing if this was built.

Suddenly you have something that draws people and revenue into Taunton.

I believe the council has already missed a massive opportunity in not building a large leisure complex incorporating an Olympic-sized swimming pool that would again drive the economy in Taunton.

The amount of swimming clubs in the west wanting to use such a facility to train and run swimming meets would very quickly cover the cost.

This would also have a larger knock-on effect for our hospitality business as swimmers and parents will need to stay and eat nearby.

I urge the council to think again as this seems a desperate attempt to do something with the unsightly Firepool area.

I don't really think anything is better than nothing, when 'anything' comes at such a high price to the Council Tax payer.