DRIVERS of Taunton, could you please take notice of road markings?

The Priory Way approach to the roundabout at Dunelm/BP has two lanes - one for left/straight on (if you are heading to Priory bridge Road or the NIDR (Trenchard Way), the other for right (if you are heading to the A3038 and on to the Toneway).

Will people PLEASE stop using the left-hand lane to turn right!

That is not correct and you are causing potentially dangerous problems for drivers using the right lane.

I know it has changed fairly recently, but it's not difficult to understand.

There are even arrows painted on the ground to make it easy for people - so why can't they get it?

Will Somerset County Council perhaps put a sign up to inform drivers of this, as they seem unable to grasp what is a very simple concept - left, straight on, right?

Will the County Gazette perhaps make the journey and show readers how they are going wrong - and that it could be dangerous?

I realise this could be a waste of resources for a council which doesn't have a lot of money, but it could prevent countless bumps - and help drivers who do keep their eyes open.

However, I fear it is simply another example of how people ignore rules of the road they do not like and simply carry on, completely unaware of the impact their selfish and ignorant actions have on other people.

Open your eyes!