AS we enter 2019 full of optimism for a successful year, we thought we'd take a look back at some of the more unusual stories which made the headlines in Somerset last year...

The year started in bizarre fashion when, in January, police carried out an unusual arrest.

A man was arrested in Taunton town centre, which is not unusual in itself, but in this case - he was naked.

Thankfully, no pictures of the incident were published.

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In March, the news was dominated by headlines as the Beast From The East hit Somerset, bringing a week of heavy snowfall to the county.

But one intrepid driver in Taunton caught our eye - battling his way through the extreme conditions in his Reliant Robin...

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We are lucky in Somerset to have readers eager to put pen to paper and communicate things that are annoying them, or indeed, making them happy.

However, in April, one reader wrote to express his dismay at the state of Taunton, branding the County Town a 'dirty, drug-infested dump'.


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The world cup kicked off in June, sending Somerset into a football frenzy as Gareth Southgate's team battled to the semi finals.

But ahead of the action, we asked Somerset cricketers for their predictions - with mixed results...

You can watch all of the videos at the story below.

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In July last year, some runners in Bishop's Hull contacted your County Gazette to warn dog owners - and anyone else, frankly - to be careful in Longrun Meadow after they spotted something...

"It was in front of us and jumped over a path," said runner Alison Andrews. "It was reddish in colour, but it's tail was really long, which made us realise it wasn't a deer.

"We didn't see its face, but it was definitely a catlike tail..."

The mystery has, so far, not been explained.

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Another mystery - this one a touch more simple to explain - was just how a badger came to be in a wheelie bin in Crewkerne...

A couple were shocked to find the animal enjoying a snack in their bin before calling the RSPCA, who helped the animal back to freedom to recover from its endeavours.

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We all lose things from time to time, misplacing this and that and searching the house, racking our brains to remember the last time we saw something.

But for one Taunton resident, a game of lost and found took 12 YEARS to come to an end.

Lin Keitch lost a precious ring - given to her as a 40th birthday present by husband Dave - while gardening in 2006.

She gave it up for lost, but was shocked when Dave dug some carrots - with one containing a big surprise.

"The carrot had grown into the ring. It must be a chance in a million," Lin said.

"It was so amazing. I couldn't believe my eyes. It was great to get my ring back after all those years.

"When Dave came in, I said, 'Guess what I've found - look' and he said, 'I've looked for that every time I've done that garden'."

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FOUND IT: Lin and Dave Keitch reunited with the lost ringFOUND IT: Lin and Dave Keitch reunited with the lost ring

And I know we said seven stories, but here's an extra one, just for luck...

In April 2018, something mysterious happened in the skies over Bridgwater during a storm.

Was it a bird? Was it a plane?

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Watch the video below and decide for yourselves...

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