BY delaying the pedestrianisation of the centre of Taunton, council members have shown once again how poor they are at taking decisions.

The small group of protesters to the plan have no doubt gathered their friends and supporters to sign letters on their behalf, some 300.

Well, let me put it this way, the other 250,000 residents who make up the bulk of people who potentially use the town centre ARE in favour of pedestrianisation, otherwise they would have sent in letters of protest as well!

It is quite obvious that it will improve the lives of the town centre users and, contrary to the objectors' view that it will destroy their businesses, the opposite is in fact the case. Exeter, Bristol and Cardiff are examples. Even Bridgwater has a good area which is pedestrianised and very popular.

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There are very few parking spaces in St James Street and NONE where the shops are! When did you last see anyone jumping out of their car to shop in St James Street?

The traffic passes through this narrow cobbled street to the car parks in the area and these are readily accessible from the opposite direction.

I would ask Taunton Deane Borough Council just to get on with it and stop this ridiculous fear of making a decision!