AN event which aims to celebrate 'all things LGBT' has received backlash.

Drag Queen Story Time, which was created in 2017, will be visiting Taunton Library next month.

The company will be bringing its colourful event to the library on Saturday, February 2, from 11am until noon.

The event is being held as part of Somerset Libraries LGBTQ+ history month.

Event organisers say the story telling aims to provide a 'safe environment' for children, teachers and parents who can encounter LGBTQ+ representation in a 'fun and engaging' way.

Drag Queen Story Time has performed in primary schools, at festivals and pride events.

What started as a small project has now ended up with performances all across the country.

But some people aren't thrilled by the event which is set to come to Taunton soon.

On the Facebook page for the event, people have posted comments against the performance.

One person wrote: "This is completely inappropriate for children. Why are grown adults trying to teach pre-school children about sexuality anyway? Just let children be children. How much is this costing local taxpayers while libraries are being shut down and services cut? Caricaturing women,whether shrill pantomime dames, or hyper sexualised drag queens, is not okay either."

Another person wrote: "How can anyone in their right mind look at this idea and think it's ok for children to be introduced to drag queens? Stop sexualising children, and stop wasting tax payers money on grooming children. This is abhorrent."

But plenty of other town residents have quickly come to the defence of the event.

One mum wrote: "As a Somerset library card owner and a mum, I’m saying yes loudly.

"I find it disappointing that you wish to “keep sexuality in the bedroom”. Who you fall in love with is not only for bed time.

"My five-year-old knows that love is love, and love has no gender."

Event organiser, Tom Canham, told the BBC he was 'surprised' by the reaction to the library session. 

"LGBT literature is close to our hearts," Mr Canham said.

"If you read reports, they show LGBT and homophobic bullying in primary schools is very high, as children are not being introduced to [the literature].

"This allows for it to be discussed and introduced."

Somerset County Council, which is responsible for libraries across the county, said: "After reviewing coverage online and Mr Canham’s comments in the report, there’s nothing further we’d like to add at this stage."

Drag Queen Story Time has also been approached for comment.