THE new year messages from the civic leaders of Taunton Deane and West Somerset thanked staff and members of the community.

By contrast, the message from Taunton Deane's MP, Rebecca Pow, was all about her own so-called 'achievements'.

Every sentence began 'I' or 'My'.

Most of the hard work on many of these 'achievements' is done by others.

For instance, she was originally quite prepared to see the Marines leave Norton Manor camp, and only changed her mind when Gideon Amos' campaign attracted a lot of support.

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She was invited to attend Councillor Habib Farbahi's conference on attracting an Innovation Centre for Renewable Green Energy to Taunton, but refused unless she was included on the panel of academics and experts (not politicians).

This week, I notice her name is not included as taking credit for the planned improvements to Taunton railway station. Is she alright?