A TAUNTON church has shown some Christian compassion by putting up rough sleepers during the recent cold snap.

Several people bedded down at Canon Street Church on nights when temperatures plummeted blow zero.

Pastor Sim Cracknell said: “We’re partnering with the council and others to provide cold weather provision for the homeless community. That’s happened last week when the temperature nose-dived.”

Taunton Deane Borough Council has a cold weather policy of finding emergency accommodation for rough sleepers if it is below zero for three consecutive nights.

Cllr Jane Warmington, executive councillor for community leadership, said: “The cold weather provision was called into play last Wednesday until Sunday.

“Rough sleepers were directed to the accommodation provided at Canon Street Church by local churches working together through Redeeming Our Communities Taunton.

The Open Door charity informed rough sleepers of the facility and Taunton Streetwise Team and Street Wardens assisted.

Cllr Warmington added: “We had lots of support from the church in the form of volunteers, food and clothing. The provision was a huge success. We’re grateful to the Taunton church community for this joint effort and hope to continue our work with them in the future.”