A BRAVE woman went on TV to take part in a love-interest show after losing nearly FOUR STONE.

Meg Dadd, from Wellington, felt she had low self esteem when she realised she was reaching for size 22-24 while clothes shopping.

But after losing three stone and 10 pounds, she found herself taking part in TV show Blind Date.

The 24-year-old felt she was the 'biggest' she'd ever been so decided to go to a Weight Watchers meeting with her mother.

Miss Dadd said: "I was adamant I didn't want to go, but when I went to the first meeting it was nothing like I expected.

"The best bit of it all when there was no shaming or on-the-spot talking. I loved the welcoming vibe and talking about it massively helped to motivate me.

"Since first starting when I felt very low, I have gained confidence in myself.

"I have lost 52Ibs and I'm still going."

With her new-found confidence, Meg decided to apply to take part in Blind Date.

She was selected and her episode aired on December 22.

Miss Dadd added: "Blind Date was a fantastic experience, it really helped boost my confidence as well as made me realise I can be one of those people on the TV who I have always wished I was.

"I was unsuccessful in winning the date but it wasn't about that, I loved every moment from the interviews right up to the moment I was there and it was a wrap.

"It made me realise anything can happen to anyone if they believe in themselves and that is so important.

"I applied because I was encouraged by my family to apply, thinking 'what's the worst that can happen', never dreaming I would get through.

"I hadn't had much luck in past dating or relationship experience so I thought I would apply.

"Since then I have found love locally and I am very happy with my love life as well as my lifestyle and work."

Meg says through her experience she has learnt to 'love herself' and has since become a Weight Watcher Wellness Coach and has completed a health and nutrition course.

She now runs workshops in Wellington, Taunton, Watchet, Cullompton and Wiveliscombe.