THE chaos of our political system is finally coming to a head.

With parliamentary politics as it stands in insurmountable deadlock, it is only right that we take back control from Parliament which has failed us for far too long.

The chaos has really beggared belief, and as we come to the end of the panto season it's hard to tell the difference between what's been going on down in Westminster and at the Brewhouse.

But unlike Dick Whittington we don't know how this parliamentary drama will end - in fact no one seems to.

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The Government have no idea, no plan B, and a plan A that almost everyone thinks will fail.

The Opposition are tying themselves in knots with every shadow minister pitching a different version of party policy.

It is clear that the only way out of this Brexit mess is to give the people the final say and put the people back in the driving seat over their futures.

Only a people's vote with the option to remain can unblock the parliamentary pipes, revive our failing political system and allow us to focus on other monumental challenges facing our country at this time.

Best for Britain spokesperson for Somerset