WITH very little time left for County Stores, our Post Office is under threat of closure.

Again, the local Conservatives running the council seem to be standing on the sidelines when action is needed to give our County Town the support it needs.

I understand the Post Office is Taunton’s only on demand Bureau de Change and is the most popular in town, making a significant profit.

It also provides a host of key services that are not available at smaller Post Offices, like the check and send passport service and residency permits needed by hundreds of health workers as well as by schools and colleges, the nearest alternative being in Exeter!

Why not offer council premises for the Post Office such as in the market house, in a part of the Old Municipal Buildings or at the library?

Surely the revenue to the Council Tax-payer would be worth having?

The regular merry go round of the Post Office moving every time a business shuts its doors could be brought to an end by a more permanent home.

We really need a council willing to keep our (County) town centre on the map - or are they really going to let another key activity be lost?

Liberal Democrat for North Town