17th January 2019

The following applications and notifications have been received for consideration and can be inspected at the Planning Reception, The Deane House, Belvedere Road, Taunton, TA1 1HE. The letters to the right of the application number indicate how the application or notification will be decided: COM by the Borough Council's Planning Committee; PD by the Parish Council; DD by the Assistant Director, Planning & Environment under delegated powers; CM by Somerset County Council; SS by the Secretary of State.

Where the applications are in bold type there are also local inspection arrangements details of which are on the local parish notice board(s).

BISHOPS LYDEARD: 06/18/0038 - MP – DD, Erection of two storey rear extension, provision of two off street parking spaces, replacement front porch and enlargement of outbuilding at 30 Mount Street, Bishops Lydeard (Amended scheme to 06/17/0035).

COMBE FLOREY: 11/18/0018 - DGRA – DD, Conversion of lambing barn to rural workers dwelling at Yarde Farm, Williton Road, Combe Florey.

CREECH ST MICHAEL: 14/18/0037 - SM – DD, Construction of pitched roof on the garage at Driffields, Adsborough.

CURLAND: 15/18/0006 - SM – DD, Replacement single storey extension and enlargement of windows on the principal elevation, installation of rooflights and erection of porch canopy at The Cider Barn, Pooles Farm Lane, Curland.

LANGFORD BUDVILLE: 23/18/0043 - ALAW – DD, Erection of agricultural building for hay and equipment storage at Bindon Home Farm, Langford Budville Road, Langford Budville, Wellington.

LYDEARD ST LAWRENCE: 22/19/0001 - SW – DD, Conversion of utility/store into entrance hall with roof plus erection of front porch and dormer window at Little Westowe Farmhouse, Lydeard St Lawrence.

NORTON FITZWARREN: 25/18/0034 - ALAW – DD, Refurbishment and rebuilding of fire damaged industrial units at 1 & 2 Meadow Court Industrial Estate, Pen Elm, Norton Fitzwarren; 25/18/0035 - MP – DD, Erection of single storey side extension at 5 Northwood Close, Norton Fitzwarren.

STAPLEGROVE: 34/19/0002 - MP – DD, Conversion of garage to residential accommoation, erection of single storey rear extension and erection of shed and replacement summerhouse at Burlands Cottage, Langford Lane, Norton Fitzwarren.

STOKE ST GREGORY: 36/18/0044 - DGRA – DD, Erection of an agricultural building for the storage of farm machinery at Baileys Farm, Huntham Road, Stoke St Gregory; 36/18/0052 - JALO – DD, Construction of 2 No. open silage clamps at Meare Green Farm, Frog Lane, Meare Green, Stoke St Gregory.

TAUNTON: 38/18/0463/LB - DGRA – DD, Relocation of door and window with reinstatement of lobby at 7 Fore Street, Taunton.

TOLLAND: 41/18/0005 - SW – DD, Erection of two storey rear extension at Rock Farm, Tolland.

TRULL: 42/18/0051 - DGRA – DD, Replacement and upgrade of flood lights at Trull Lawn Tennis Club, Sweethay Lane, Staplehay.

WELLINGTON: 43/18/0126/A - ANP – DD, Display of 1 No. illuminated banner sign, 1 No. illuminated double sided menu, 1 No. illuminated pole sign, 1 No. illuminated height barrier, 1 No. illuminated poster sign, 2 No. illuminated double sided key seller signs, 3 No. illuminated tray signs and 1 No. illuminated roof lettering with sign tray at Westpark 26, Wellington.

WEST MONKTON: 48/18/0061 - SM – DD, Erection of single storey extension at rear of 69 Acacia Gardens, Bathpool; 48/18/0064 - ALAW – DD, Variation of Condition No. 02 (approved plans) of application 48/18/0038 at 2 Court Gardens on land south of Summercourt, Dosters Lane, West Monkton; 48/19/0002 - SM – DD, Erection of double garage at Summercourt, Dosters Lane, West Monkton.

WIVELISCOMBE: 49/18/0070 - BMAR – DD, Formation of vehicular access at Ford Farm, Ford Road, Wiveliscombe.

COMEYTROWE: 52/18/0032 - AVUO – DD, Erection of single and two storey extension to side and rear of 16 Longmead Way, Taunton.

COTFORD ST LUKE: 53/18/0008 - MP – DD, Erection of two storey rear extension at 52 Burge Meadow, Cotford St Luke.



17th January 2019

The following applications and notifications have been decided and can be viewed on-line at

ASHBRITTLE: 01/18/0005, Replacement of farm buildings and roofs of two structures at Burrow View, Burrow Lane, Ashbrittle (retention of works already undertaken), CONDITIONAL APPROVAL.

BISHOPS HULL: 05/18/0046, Replacement of building for vehicle servicing and MOT's at Plot 11, Galmington Trading Estate East, Cornishway East, Bishops Hull, CONDITIONAL APPROVAL; 05/18/0049, Erection of a single storey extension to rear and side of 76 Smithy, Bishops Hull, CONDITIONAL APPROVAL.

CHIPSTABLE: 09/18/0015, Retention of existing stable block, and erection of extension to the same building for the storage of hay and general storage at 2 Bovey Cottages, Waterrow, CONDITIONAL APPROVAL.

HATCH BEAUCHAMP: 19/18/0016, Demolition of dwelling and outbuildings, to be replaced by erection of dwelling with detached triple garage and associated works, change of use of land to increase domestic curtilage at Red Rose Apiaries, Stewley Road, Hatch Beauchamp (resubmission of 19/18/0003), CONDITIONAL APPROVAL.

LANGFORD BUDVILLE: 21/18/0018/LB, Repairs to walled garden and structures with the erection of a single storey holiday let with associated works and landscaping at The Former Walled Garden of Wellisford Manor, Langford Budville, REFUSAL; 21/18/0019, Erection of a single storey holiday let with associated works and landscaping at The Former Walled Garden of Wellisford Manor, Langford Budville, REFUSAL.

NORTH CURRY: 24/18/0047, Erection of single storey, timber clad office building at Richmond House, Lillesdon Lane, North Curry, CONDITIONAL APPROVAL.

NORTON FITZWARREN: 25/18/0020, Erection of agricultural storage building at Wick Store Lane/Wick Lane, Norton Fitzwarren, CONDITIONAL APPROVAL.

STAPLE FITZPAINE: 33/18/0012, Change of use of function room into 3 No. letting units, removal of corner extension and creation of external dining area with erection of 2 No. entrance lobbies at The Greyhound Inn, Staple Fitzpaine Road, Staple Fitzpaine, CONDITIONAL APPROVAL.

TAUNTON: 38/18/0344, Replacement of two single garages with one flat roof double garage in a block at Galmington Close, Taunton, CONDITIONAL APPROVAL; 38/18/0394/LB, Replacement side/back door and timber frame at 21 Mount Street, Taunton, CONDITIONAL APPROVAL; 38/18/0408, Erection of a two storey extension to the rear of 22 Greenway Crescent, Taunton, CONDITIONAL APPROVAL; 38/18/0409, Installation of 1 No. A/C unit to rear elevation first floor roof at 27-27A Fore Street, Taunton, CONDITIONAL APPROVAL; 38/18/0419, Erection of a first floor extension to the side of 3 Tyne Park, Taunton, CONDITIONAL APPROVAL; 38/18/0435/A, Display of 1 No. non-illuminated fascia sign, 2 No. illuminated fascia signs, 1 No. illuminated hanging sign, 2 No. non-illuminated hoarding signs and 13 No. illuminated other signs at The Apple and Parrot, Corporation Street, Taunton, SPLIT DECISION.

WEST HATCH: 47/18/0009/VSC, Application to Discharge the Section 52 Agreement on application 4/47/75/003 at Meade Farm, West Hatch, APPROVAL; 47/18/0015, Erection of an industrial unit for Class B2 usage to the rear of Unit 1 Nightingale Farm, Lower West Hatch, CONDITIONAL APPROVAL.

WEST MONKTON: 48/18/0041/A, Display of 3 No. internally illuminated fascia signs, 2 No. non-illuminated poster signs and 2 No. non-illuminated panel signs on concession pod to the front of Sainsburys Supermarket, Hankridge Way Retail Park, Taunton, CONDITIONAL APPROVAL.

WIVELISCOMBE: 49/18/0061, Erection of an agricultural building for the storage of forestry machinery on land at Cruwys's Cross, Langley Marsh Road, Langley Marsh, Wiveliscombe, REFUSAL.