WELL, everyone saw that one coming, didn’t we (the voting down of Theresa May's Brexit deal in Parliament)?

And – immediately afterwards – that leading ‘Remain’ campaigning group, the BBC, was re-running the pre-Referendum debate of 2016, re-interviewing the CBI and other ‘Remain’ interests, as though the 2016 Referendum had never taken place.

We now have a Parliament which is set against the British People.

In 2016 we were given the opportunity to express whether we wished to remain in, or to leave, the European Union. And by a large majority, we voted to leave.

Parliament has now moved the goal-posts: it claims we need to have a ‘deal’ in order to carry out that democratically-expressed wish; even though there was no mention of a ‘deal’ being a requirement in 2016.

Here, Mrs May could act in a very clever way indeed. By all means consult: for that is the intention she expressed immediately after the defeat.

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However, you do not need to be an Old Testament prophet to see what the outcome of those discussions will be. Deadlock.

What Theresa May could do – following the fatuous consultations – is to call a General Election, making ‘leaving the EU without any agreement’, the main Tory policy. This would be a real problem for Jeremy Corbyn, the majority of whose supporters outside of London, wish to leave the EU. It would also pose a problem for TORY ‘remainers’ such as Rebecca Pow, our own MP.

If Theresa May were to make ‘leaving the EU without an agreement’ (because she can’t get agreement in Parliament, let alone Brussels) a General Election issue, guess which party would be returned overwhelmingly? It might even save Mrs Pow’s seat: if she voted for her Prime Minister.