I HAVE written many times over the last few months re Brexit to the Conservative Government, local MPs - including R Pow - and many times using social media to national and local TV... No responses!

I’ve posed simple questions with regard to the general ‘party line’ about trade (à la Liam Fox, for example: ‘there’s a world to trade with’), including markets in China, USA, India, Australia, New Zealand, ‘Asia’!

In particular, what are we going to SELL to the above which we are not already able to sell - not financial services, but goods!

Do these people (MPs) who vote on our behalf come from a macro-economics background, are they ‘au fait’ with international trade, with technology, with heavy industry? The answer is a loud and emphatic ‘No!’.

Liam Fox was asked to give examples recently in a radio interview (re trade with US), when he stated clearly he was in disagreement with one of his key advisers (who had just resigned) over the viability of prospective international trade opportunities. Unfortunately, the interviewer did not push for a robust answer, letting Mr Fox off the hook.

Mr Fox did offer one example of future trade ‘possibilities’ with the American car industry!

I don’t wish to be too picky, but we have decades’ old relationships with the US car industry... Ford, GM. But that relationship has been founded on the companies being domestically based and selling to us, not us selling (trading) with them in an overseas market.

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I’d like to pin down ‘deal supporting’ public figures and get them to state clearly what goods markets WILL be immediately open to us post-March 2019 (not possibilities) – goods markets in which we are able to out-compete ultra-protectionist USA and China, along with India, Australia, ‘Asia’, perhaps Germany in the near future!

It’s no good saying it’ll happen in the near future! As with micro-economics, it is also with macro-economics – cash (flow) is king! More businesses fail for lack of cash flow than for lack of profit, and so do countries!

We are currently the world’s 5th largest economy, only by a few whiskers.

Watch these enlightened Brexiteers and deal supporters ensure our relegation to 7th, another financial crash and complete chaos!