24th January 2019

The following applications and notifications have been received for consideration and can be inspected at the Planning Reception, The Deane House, Belvedere Road, Taunton, TA1 1HE. The letters to the right of the application number indicate how the application or notification will be decided: - COM by the Borough Council’s Planning Committee; PD by the Parish Council; DD by the Assistant Director, Planning & Environment under delegated powers; CM by Somerset County Council; SS by the Secretary of State.

Where the applications are in bold type there are also local inspection arrangements details of which are on the local parish notice board(s).

CHEDDON FITZPAINE: 08/18/0028 - FW – DD, Relocation of Conquest Equestrian Centre with the erection of office facilities, flat, cafe, indoor and outdoor arena, stable block, parking facilities and associated works on land at Maidenbrook Lane, Cheddon Fitzpaine.

CHIPSTABLE: 09/18/0018 - SW – DD, Erection of solar PV array remote from the mill at Raddington Mill, Blackwell Road, Raddington.

COTHELSTONE: 13/19/0001 - MP – DD, Replacement of rear porch with the erection of a single storey extension at Stables Cottage, Cushuish Road, Cushuish.

MILVERTON: 23/18/0007 - SK – DD, Outline application for residential development of up to 2 dwellings, whilst retaining and refurbishing the existing Garden Cottage. All matters reserved other than access at Garden Cottage, High Street, Milverton (as amended on 15/10/18).(as amended by plans/information received 14/01/2019).

NORTON FITZWARREN: 25/19/0002 - SK – DD, Change of use of residential gardens to allow expansion of mobile home park at Beauford Park, Wiveliscombe Road, Norton Fitzwarren.

PITMINSTER: 30/18/0036 - BMAR – PD, Erection of a Dog kennel on land to the side of Orchard Cottage, Angersleigh, Pitminster.

STAPLEGROVE: 34/18/0027 - JALO – DD, Change of use of public house (Class A4) to an 9 No. Bedroom house of multiple occupancy (Sui Generis - Large HMO) at the Staplegrove Inn, 206 Staplegrove Road, Staplegrove (amended scheme to 34/18/0014).

TAUNTON: 38/18/0454 - BMAR – DD, Installation of 3 No. steel cycles bays, 2 No. steel bollards, 6 No. LED light fittings, replacement of fire door and various alterations to shop front, render and doors at The Co-operative, 169 Cheddon Road, Taunton; 38/18/0474 - GC – DD, Change of use to mixed use of A1 (Shops), A3 (Restaurant & Cafes) and D1 (Non-residential Institutions) at The County Stores, 52-53 North Street, Taunton; 38/19/0005 - SM – DD, Erection of a first floor extension to the rear of Flat 2, 16 Billetfield, Taunton.

WELLINGTON: 43/18/0123 - SK – DD, Erection of a single storey extension to the side of Wellington Bowling Club, Corams Lane, Wellington; 43/19/0002 - MP – PD, Erection of single storey extension at rear of 17 Wellesley Park, Wellington.

WELLINGTON WITHOUT: 44/18/0025 - MP – DD, Erection of a two storey extension to the rear of Jessamin Cottage, Holywell Lake, Wellington.

WEST BAGBOROUGH: 45/18/0019 - SK – DD, Demolition of stables and erection of 2 detached dwellings with garages, parking and associated works at Bashford Stables, West Bagborough Road, West Bagborough.



24th January 2019

The following applications and notifications have been decided and can be viewed on-line at

ASHBRITTLE: 01/18/0008, Erection of single storey extension to side and conversion of integral garage to gym at Burrow View, Burrow Lane, Ashbrittle, Wellington, CONDITIONAL APPROVAL.

BISHOPS LYDEARD: 06/18/0027, Erection of porch to the front and landscaping of driveway at 4 Taunton Road, Bishops Lydeard, CONDITIONAL APPROVAL; 06/18/0031, Approval of Reserved Matters following Outline Application 06/16/0034 for the erection of 1 No. dwelling in the garden to the side with parking to the front to facilitate both properties at 7 Mill Lane, Bishops Lydeard, CONDITIONAL APPROVAL.

CHEDDON FITZPAINE: 08/18/0029, Replacement of conservatory with the erection of a single storey extension to the rear of 64 Waterleaze, Cheddon Fitzpaine, CONDITIONAL APPROVAL.

CHURCHSTANTON: 10/18/0035, Erection of a greenhouse in the garden to the rear of 22 Fairfield Green, Churchinford, CONDITIONAL APPROVAL.

CORFE: 12/18/0008, Variation of Condition No. 02 (approved plans) of application 12/18/0007 at Hurley Farm, Old Combe Hill, Corfe, CONDITIONAL APPROVAL.

CREECH ST MICHAEL: 14/18/0030, Erection of timber double garage at Towerlea and Orchard View, Creech Heathfield, CONDITIONAL APPROVAL; 14/18/0034, Erection of single storey extension to side of Cathill Farm, Foxhole Lane, Creech St Michael, CONDITIONAL APPROVAL.

CURLAND: 15/18/0005, Erection of stables in field adjacent to Forest Farm Cottage, Curland (amended scheme to 15/17/0002) retention of works already undertaken, CONDITIONAL APPROVAL.

KINGSTON ST MARY: 20/18/0028, Replacement of conservatory with garden room at 12 Sawyers Leigh, Kingston St Mary, CONDITIONAL APPROVAL.

NORTH CURRY: 24/18/0045, Replacement of lean to with the erection of a two storey extension to the side and rear, erection of porch to front, replacement of garage and widening of access at 2 Oxen Lane, North Curry, CONDITIONAL APPROVAL.

NORTON FITZWARREN: 25/18/0032, Conversion of outbuilding into annexe at Pen Elm, Minehead Road, Norton Fitzwarren, CONDITIONAL APPROVAL.

STOKE ST GREGORY: 36/18/0050, Erection of a steel framed building to form roof over silage clamp, Stage 2, at Huntham Farm, Stoke St Gregory, CONDITIONAL APPROVAL.

TAUNTON: 38/18/0414/A, Display of 2 No. illuminated fascia signs at Ashford Court, Blackbrook Park Avenue, Taunton, CONDITIONAL APPROVAL; 38/18/0440, Relocation of solar panels at Weir Lodge, 83 Staplegrove Road, Taunton, CONDITIONAL APPROVAL; 38/18/0449, Erection of a detached granny annexe in the garden to the rear of 12 Elm Grove, Taunton, CONDITIONAL APPROVAL.

TRULL: 42/18/0047, Erection of a single storey extension and porch to the front of Kottla, New Road, Trull, CONDITIONAL APPROVAL.

WELLINGTON: 43/18/0112/A, Display of 5 no. non-illuminated fascia signs, 2 no. illuminated fascia sign and 1 no. non-illuminated information sign at Unit 5b and 5e Westpark, Chelston, Wellington, CONDITIONAL APPROVAL.

WELLINGTON WITHOUT: 44/18/0026, Installation of 2 No. air source heat pumps to dwelling and adjacent barn at Fourways, Holywell Lake, Wellington, CONDITIONAL APPROVAL.

WEST BAGBOROUGH: 45/18/0017, Conversion of loft with installation of 2 No. dormer windows at Jasmine House, London Cross, West Bagborough, CONDITIONAL APPROVAL; 45/18/0018, Removal of Condition No. 07 (to allow for the occupation as a permanent dwelling) on application 45/13/0008 at The Hayloft, Stable Cottage, Triscombe Lane, West Bagborough, WITHDRAWN BY AGENT/APPLICANT.

WEST MONKTON: 48/18/0032, Outline planning permission with some matters reserved (except for access and layout) for the erection of 2 No. detached dwellings in the garden to the rear of Nigella, Church Lane, West Monkton, REFUSAL; 48/18/0040, Installation of concession pod to the front of Sainsburys Supermarket, Hankridge Way Retail Park, Taunton, REFUSAL.