IT is very necessary to write this letter to all those people in Glastonbury who over the last six weeks have left dog faeces all over out pavements on every street in town.

It has reached epidemic proportions, to the point of never being able to lift your eyes from the pavements!

It must be the worst town for dog fouling in Somerset. People that are unaware of our problem here walk it all over the place and this sorry state of affairs cannot go on.

We have at least three maybe four unsighted people here with rollaball sticks these the person runs across the pavement in front of them and not seeing run them through whatever is there! The dog owners have no decency or consideration for others.

There are of course the responsible owners who do clear up after their dogs. Not many live here though!!

This has to be addressed somehow but something has to be done. It could be that people are not feeding their dogs the correct food or that the dog's owners have no money to buy dog fouling bags or that the dogs have Parvo Virus which is terminal for any animal that comes into contact with it, from other dogs or carried by people to other pets or animals.

We used to have a Dog Warden who regularly checked our town's walkways but it seems there isn't one these days? It is essential to find the funds to replace one - and urgently.

Once, shop owners also had more pride and cleaned outside of their shops, but not any longer.

And shopfronts also have dog urine dripping down everywhere and the dog owners think its their right to let their dogs use every place available, even stand and wait for them.

A dog that keeps marking is a dog who doesn't think he has a "pack leader" and therefore he will be responsible for marking territory. This is the natural way for dogs.

The owners do not realise this fact and every time they stand back and let their dog lift its leg they are saying "you are my pack leader" to their dog!

Perhaps licensing would be a good thing and an obligation to go to dog training and understanding classes as part of this responsibility.

I rest my case.