County Stores is passing, passing like the wind
They've made that decision they will never rescind
No more fresh cream doughnuts, no more truckles of cheese
No more smiling faces, no more serving teas
No more Eastern flavours, no more wine from overseas
What happened to tradition? It's drifted on the breeze!
No more the smell of roasting coffee beckoning with ease
No more personal service, no more 'if you please!'
No more trips to Wivey, no more trips to Williton, in land from the seas
No more trips to Wellington, they've closed each one of these
Our other's mother knew them, each and every one
What happened to tradition? It simply now, has gone!

Somerset County Gazette: County Stores, which will be hone to the new post office in Taunton town centre.

Mother served the fresh cream meringues, but we enjoyed the Bath buns from down the road, on the corner of St James Street.

Simple memories, lasting joys!

Monkton Heathfield

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