Cheapest UK: One -bed flat in Inverclyde, Scotland, on the market for £4,000

Cheapest house: Two-bed terraced in Bishop Auckland, for sale at £15,000

ALTHOUGH UK house prices have risen in value significantly over the past 20 years, it’s still possible to find properties on the market today for less than £20,000, or the price of an average family car, according to research by online estate agents

If you chose to buy the 20 cheapest properties for sale in the UK today, you’d pay a total of £303,900 for the lot. That’s a little over £15,000 a property. The three cheapest properties, which are all in the same area of Inverclyde, in Scotland, can be picked up for less than the price of a new Ford Focus.

The cheapest property, a one-bed flat in Port Glasgow, is on the market at £4,000. Two other properties for sale, also in Port Glasgow, are on at £5,500 and £6,000 respectively.

If you were tempted to purchase all three, you’d only pay £16,000. To put that into context, the average UK house price according to the Land Registry, currently stands at £230,630. These properties can be bought for one-fourteenth of, or £214,630 less than the price of the average UK house.

The cheapest property for sale currently in England is a studio flat in Bradford, West Yorkshire, on the market at £13,000. The cheapest house on the market is a two-bed terraced in Bishop Auckland, County Durham, listed at £15,000.

The following table shows the 20 cheapest properties currently for sale in the UK, all on the market for under £20,000:

Somerset County Gazette:

Sam Mitchell, CEO, online estate agents, said: “With the average UK house price over £200,000, it’s hard to believe you can still buy a house for pre-1980 prices. These particular properties won’t appeal to the majority of buyers, but if you’re not afraid to purchase something that needs work, there are some genuine bargains out there waiting to be snapped up.

“Sellers in this market need to price sensibly – if you price it right, there’s a buyer out there. Pent-up buyer demand has been building since early December. Low interest rates and competitive mortgage deals make it a very attractive market, but low stock levels in many areas have left buyers with limited choice. Those sellers who market in January will have their pick of the buyers.”

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