I TOOK my life in my hands by walking down St James Street in Taunton yesterday.

Trying to negotiate the triple-height A-boards blocking the pavement by the hairdressers was tricky, but then avoiding being mown down by a lorry was scarier still.

I thought I was safe until the greengrocers' A-board blocking the opposite pavement nudged towards me in a gust of wind.

To cap it all, my friend told me the traders have complained about the council's plan to shut the road to traffic - and Rebecca Pow has tweeted to boast she helped keep it open for drivers.

Clueless is the word that comes to mind.

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Call me old fashioned, but does Taunton really want to discourage the poor old pedestrian from shopping in St James Street?

The traders must be mad, it could be such a lovely pedestrianised venue for a browse.