YET again, at the time of writing, matters are changing by the minute in relation to Brexit so I won’t dwell on it apart from to say that having canvassed views from many local businesses over the last week, including the Somerset Chamber of Commerce, the overwhelming consensus from business is that while leaving the EU is accepted, it’s imperative to get a deal and soon, with a clear date to enable planning and to ensure jobs are not jeopardised.

I’ve made these views very clear to the Prime Minister (including that amelioration of the backstop will be key) and I made an impassioned plea for us to pull together as a team for the good of the nation and future generations.

My recent fact-finding included a visit to the remarkable Hinkley Point C.

Covering 176 hectares, with 400kms of pipework and a phenomenal 4,000 people working there day and night, this is the largest development in Europe. It prides itself on its safety standards and attention to the workforce and has already contributed £980m to the SW economy.

It’s on track to start producing electricity in 2025 and will ultimately contribute 7 per cent of our energy requirements.

While Government is rightly committed to increasing energy from renewables, nuclear will still be an important part of the mix.

This nuclear hub has spawned much more. With EDF and Government support, a whole new generation is being trained in the essential skills, with spin offs for many other businesses.

Students are coming from across the nation as well as from local schools for the degree apprenticeship and Level 3 courses at the state of the art National College for Nuclear based at Bridgwater and Taunton College’s Cannington campus.

They get top-class training, earn a salary at the same time and are pretty much guaranteed a job at the end. All were optimistic about the future and all loved living in the area. No negativity. What a breath of fresh air!

I shall be supporting Bridgwater and Taunton College's endeavours to continue expanding this area.

MP for Taunton Deane