IT is a long time since the referendum and we may have forgotten how we felt about the EU at that time.

We knew that Greece, Italy and Spain were in serious trouble because of the inflexibility of the Euro. We knew that the EU had accepted them as members knowing that the Euro made it inevitable that they would fail. We knew that the Commission were ‘all powerful’ and totally disconnected from the people and that they issued directives we did not agree with and that they spent our money unwisely, to put it mildly.

Since the referendum, we have become frightened by all the negative talk about our ability to survive outside of Europe, but no one talks about the real problem, which is that the European Union is much less robust than the UK!

It will not survive in it’s current form.

Their banking systems are operating using conventions that are illogical and unsustainable.

They have been forced, several times, to go against their own founding rules to rescue failing banks and failing countries. Countries within the much-lauded EU.

The elections across Europe in May will reveal the extent of the disillusionment of the people of Europe and transform the makeup of the European Parliament, filling it with eurosceptic MEPs.

We are correct to leave the EU, now!

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The UK has been mesmerised by remainers telling everyone that we are a backward, incompetent country, despised by Europe and the rest of the world. We are not.

We are, we really are, Great Britain. The 2012 Olympics should be our emblem now.

Remember how low our expectations were before the opening ceremony and how the UK triumphed by being true to our heritage.

We must now be positive.

We did not collapse after the referendum as we were told we would. We have gone from strength to strength.

No great applause for our record employment or the wage rises or the financial success. Because it would undermine the remain story.

We must not fail to leave on March 29, preferably with no deal. And happily pay £39 billion as an investment towards our future successful relationships with our great fellow countries that compose the continent of Europe.