THIS week we are back with latest recipe with out 'Guest in the Kitchen'.

Head chef at Augustus Restaurant in Taunton, Richard Guest, gives you his recipe for Fish Stew.

All you have to do, is make it, cook it and eat it.

WE all constantly being told what we should and shouldn’t eat.

We now even rename months after current food trends!! and we all know we eat too much red meat, like it or not.

But the reality is, especially in the winter, we like it.

Fatty, salty, it satisfies us, and comforts us, and a salad in the winter is a hard sell. Curries and spiced foods are a good way to make vegetables more appealing as a main dish in winter, but also Provençal style dishes are a good way of warming up a dish.

Somerset County Gazette:

The fish stew I’ve served at Augustus since we opened and now serve at our fish restaurant Albatross is based on the classic bouillabaisse.

We call it the Brixham fish stew, because it's where the fish comes from and also, we would get pulled up by the authenticity police, with there memories of Marseille!!

We are lucky enough to still have a fish monger in Taunton. Phil Bowditch fish shop in Bath Place, now run by the son,

Harry Bowditch is where I’ve bought my fish from for 19 years, and you don’t know how lucky you are, a good fishmonger, selling wild fresh fish is as rare as hens teeth. Long may he continue.

Fish Stew Recipe

- 500 ml good quality tomato juice

- 2 peeled diced onions

- 4 cloves of garlic,smashed

- Half a stick of cinnamon

- 1 star Anise

- 1 tsp paprika ,1 tsp cumin

- A sprig of thyme and 2 bay leafs

- Salt ,black pepper, lemon juice and Tabasco to taste .

- Olive oil for cooking

How to prepare your stew

Sweat the onions, garlic and spices together until soft add the herbs and tomato juice and simmer gently stirring often for around 30 minutes then season to taste with salt pepper, lemon and Tabasco,don't be shy its like making a Bloody Mary for Keith Floyd !

Try and pick out the cinnamon,star Anise and herbs but don't worry too much as you're cooking for friends.

For the next stage you will need:

- 1 small mackerel filleted and a similar sized red gurnard or red mullet ask you're fish monger to pin bone them

- A handful of washed mussel

- 3 new potatoes peeled boiled and sliced

- 10 cherry vine tomatoes de-stalked and halved

- A few leaves of basil, picked of the stalk and chopped

To prepare cook and serve

Cut the fish into 5cm pieces and lay them in a dish you're happy to serve them in,add the sliced potato and tomato then pour over the tomato base.

Place in a pre-heated oven at 200c for around 20 minutes ,or until the fish is just breaking up.

Then add lots of chopped basil and a little more lemon and dig in. Crusty bread is a must.