A TORY campaigner who nominated Jacob Rees-Mogg as a candidate in the 2017 general election is facing jail - after stealing more than £1,000 from two friends.

Robin Maggs, 43, was one of 10 people who put forward Mr Rees-Mogg for the North East Somerset seat.

But "temptation got the better of him" when he gained access to his friend Timothy Farrell's flat in Midsomer Norton, Somerset, using a key he had been given.

He helped himself to least £750 cash in an envelope and £200 in change, Bristol Crown Court heard.

Dressed in a smart suit, Maggs pleaded guilty to one charge of theft and three charges of fraud.

One of the fraud charges related to writing a cheque to Mr Farrell which then bounced.

Alistair Haggerty, defending, said: "He has seen the money and temptation got the better of him."

Another fraud related to a bank card given to Maggs by friend Alex Kearney to buy petrol.

Maggs, who stood as a Conservative candidate in local elections 16 years ago, used the card to spend £900.

The final fraud charge related to a cheque he gave to Mr Kearney which also bounced.

Judge James Patrick warned Maggs he faced a jail sentence due to the cash amounts involved.

He said: "You must prepare yourself for a prison sentence."

Maggs, Oakhill, Somerset, was granted unconditional bail. He will return to the court for sentencing on February 26.

Deirdre Horstmann, a councillor for Bath and North East Somerset, also nominated Mr Rees-Mogg at the 2017 election and knew of Maggs.

She said: "It is a surprise. I imagine Mr Rees-Mogg will no longer wish to be associated with him if he has a criminal record."