NYNEHEAD Court resident Katalin Shirley-Smith has just celebrated her 100th birthday, and puts her long life down to good genes.

Katalin was born in Hungary, and moved to France and then to England in the 1930s. She met her architect husband at Liverpool University and they were married for 49 years, and had two sons, five grandchildren and eight great grandchildren together.

Katalin had a fulfilling career working as a Radiographer, and she also had a place on senior industrial boards. She was an Age UK representative from 1997 to 2013, and representatives from the organisation visited her on her birthday.

In her later life she continues to keep active mentally and physically, and on Saturday, February 9, the staff and residents at Nynehead Court held a party in her honour, which was also attended by members of her family.

Home manager, Angela Watkins, said: “We were delighted to host a party to celebrate Katalin’s 100th Birthday. She says that her long life comes from good genes, as her mother lived to 103, so we look forward to celebrating more birthdays with her.”