YOUR correspondents in last week's County Gazette (Februay 14) arguing for a no-deal exit from the EU at the end of March perpetuate the myth of an emphatic referendum result.

In fact, as 27.8% of the electorate did not vote at all, only 37% of the electorate voted to leave and 34.7% voted to remain.

This meant that of those who voted, 51.9% were for leaving and 48.1% voted to remain. But we now know that as a result of the confusion and many lies used by the Leave campaign, many voters used the opportunity to vote Leave as a chance to protest against the effects of this Government's Austerity programme.

In effect, a minority of the electorate voted for us to go into a disaster!

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Your correspondents' talk of Great Britain contrasts hugely with the Bank of England's warning this month that "The economy is on course for its weakest year since the global financial crisis, with a 25% chance of a recession this year", while cutting its growth forecast for 2019 from1.7% to 1.2%

Now that we know what Leaving would really mean, it is surely time to gave the electorate another say on the matter with a second Referendum.