BEING a mum and living in Taunton over the last 25 years, I've spent many a weekend sat in A&E and it's just bizarre that we still don't have a 24-hour chemist which, for most parent and 'carents' would feel the relief of going to the doctors because the symptoms always seem to get worse when you can't access medicine.

I also think, with a town as big as Taunton and as many empty shops, why we don't have a 24-hour chemist and a walk-in clinic, which would relive the stress on the staff at A&E.

The old NatWest building, with parking at the back, would be the ideal site to deal with tummy bugs, rashes and fevers that need an over-the-counter medicine, instead of waiting with broken legs, concussion and other things - and on a bus route too.

Isn't it about time Taunton planners started regeneration instead of softly killing the town?

We don't have a proper main post office, we don't have an art gallery, Taunton pool is always freezing cold and we no longer have any soft play areas!

I would like to see something other than charity shops and takeaways in Taunton.