I WRITE in support of Barry Maud’s letter of February 14 ('Right to leave', Postbag, February 14).

How refreshing to see someone talking sense!

From the moment the result of the people’s vote on the referendum was known (and yes it was a people’s vote, not a business vote), the EU went into a panic-measures mentality.

I feel sure they decided to make things as difficult as possible for us and to do all they could to get us to remain or at least to retain control over our affairs.

They did this because they need us as much as we need them. They didn’t want us to start a landslide.

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I believe Mr Maud is right in his belief that the EU will not survive in its current form. He is also right by stating that the UK has been mesmerised by remainers.

I would remind all those disruptive remainers that the moment the wishes of the people are not carried out – democracy is dead. I am sure that had the result gone the other way they would not countenance any challenges to it. This is a matter of huge importance to us all.

I would suggest to all the remainers that they go to live in Venezuela and have themselves a nice dose of Maduro. I’m betting they would very quickly want to come back under the umbrella of our democracy!

There is apparently no legal requirement to pay £39 billion to the EU and why should we in exchange for nothing!

We should simply say to the EU we are leaving without a deal and we are paying nothing.

This would force them to drop their hard line attitude and to negotiate what they want in exchange for what we want.

The businesses have not made the arrangements they needed to because Theresa May has been trying to force through a thinly disguised, so called ‘Deal’ under which we do not actually leave in support of the businesses that pour money into her party.

It was not a business vote it was a peoples vote and we must leave in the name of democracy.