A SIX-course dinner celebrated the best of Exmoor beef at The Farmers Arms in Combe Florey. 

The event, held as part of Exmoor Food Festival, was organised by Mike Griffiths who invited four of Exmoor’s outstanding chefs into his kitchen.

A delicious consommé by Olivier Certain (Duende Restaurant, Wiveliscombe) was followed by a melt-in-the mouth carpaccio of dry aged fillet of Exmoor beef by Anita-Claire Field.

Mike Griffiths had braised short rib for 12 hours in Exmoor Ale for the third course and served it with a Porlock Bay oyster encased in short pastry.

The fourth course was a slice of rib-eye roasted on the charcoal-fired Josper (Mike Griffiths/Olivier Certain). Then came a Trio of Beef by Peter Mundy (Ginger Peanut, Bampton).

And finally the pièce de résistance - Tim Zekki (Duende, Wiveliscombe) created a dessert with beef.

Yes, you did read this correctly. It was mind-blowingly delicious, involving dehydrated beef, caramel custard and maple syrup. It was sweet and salty, pushing boundaries, and playing havoc with perceptions.

Diners learnt from Exmoor farmer Chris Lerwill that all his animals are grass fed and that food miles are kept to an absolute minimum. This explains the excellent quality of the meat which made all the dishes shine.