AS a constituent of Ian Liddell-Grainger MP, I was appalled by his comparison of Taunton to Aleppo and his subsequent apology - to Aleppo.

However, anyone familiar with his gaffe-ridden career will not be surprised at this latest outburst.

Visit his website to see how he uses “appropriate” photos to illustrate his attacks on those with whom he disagrees e.g Laurel and Hardy (Taunton Deane Council), a rat running down a ship’s rope (the resignation of a council official) and two short planks bearing the names of two councillors he disagrees with.

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This juvenile approach ill-becomes a man of 59 and anyone voting for him in the hopes of acquiring an MP with aspirations to statesmanship will have been sadly disappointed.

Conservatives in my area have, up to now, been faced with dilemma: do they grit their teeth and vote for him or abstain and risk seeing Jeremy Corbyn in Number 10?

It would be nice to think that his latest foray into Syrian politics may cause things to change and we will be offered someone more appropriate for a relatively safe Conservative seat.


Old Cleeve