SO we are treated to two whole pages on “Saving Norton Fitzwarren Camp” but were we really going to lose it?

The facts we do know are:

Norton Camp is definitely with us until 2028

It is just one small part of a huge as yet unfinished huge defense review.

We do know warfare is changing.

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War now involves Low Intensity Conflicts – soldiers all muddled up with civilians.

LICs require agile, highly trained men on the ground, lots of them i.e. Marines

With localism replacing the inefficiency of centralisation, we need to keep smaller more flexible units

We do not know what even tomorrow let alone 2029 may bring.

We do know that change can come fast and over night.

It all reads like a bit of a non-story to me. We have rather more urgent matters here and now in Taunton Deane.

Kingston St Mary