IT'S hard to have sympathy for Sandra Jones for having Ian Liddell-Grainger as an MP ('MP problem', Postbag, February 28).

It's like someone who keeps complaining about their energy bill but refuses to change supplier.

She must know by now that her vote is taken for granted by the Conservative party.

If we look deeper into Liddell-Grainger's disdain for Taunton, I'm sure the root cause will be the hiving off of a large part of West Somerset to form the new council of Somerset West and Taunton. Hence his childish remarks.

He makes a valid comparison between Taunton and Exeter.

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While heaping scorn on Taunton, he is full of praise for Exeter their forward thinking, 20-year plan.

He doesn't mention that Exeter is a Labour-run council.

Her attacks on Jeremy Corbyn try to hide the facts that Somerset and the country are being failed by an incompetent Conservative Government.

Corbyn's left-wing past will be dragged up while the donation of £875,000 by Russian oligarchs wife Lugov Chernukin will be quietly overlooked.

Labour's actions in 2008 to shore up the economy caused by the worst international financial crash since the1930 Depression will be trotted out as mantra.

Meanwhile, nine years of austerity and the reckless waste of public money propping up Theresa May's Brexit negotiations will be forgotten.

On May 2 there is a chance for change. A vote for a Labour candidate in the district elections will bring about that change.

A vote for Labour will send a message to central goverment that West Somerset and Taunton Deane should not be taken for granted.

Labour & Co-op Candidate For Priorswood ward