A NEW lunch spot has now opened in Taunton.

The Piccalilli Line opened its doors on Wednesday, March 6, in Station Road.

The business was created by Karen and James Pegler, who have moved to the area after running a successful business in Honiton.

The culinary couple are no strangers to cooking, as James is a baker and Karen is a cook.

Mrs Pegler said: "We made all the cakes, the treats, salads and sandwiches here.

"We've had lots of experience, we moved to Devon eight years ago.

"We were looking for a new location, then we found this shop and it was perfect.

The new deli features lots of delicious home-made food, and using local ingredients is very important to them.

Mrs Pegler added: "We can be quite flexible, we can do different things each day.

"You have your sandwich list with the usual choices, but we have different specials.

"We try to mix it up a bit.

"Using local ingredients is important to us.

"We use local suppliers as much as we can, like getting our meat from Stillmans.

"We know what is good."

The deli will be open from around 8am until 3pm Monday to Friday.