A POLICE officer who illegally parked on a double yellow line when he went to buy a kebab has been castigated by his boss.

The officer, whose identity we have withheld, was photographed by a passer-by ordering his supper during a legitimate break late on a Saturday night earlier this month.

But in his haste to get his takeaway, he pulled up and illegally parked his patrol car directly outside the Best Istanbul Grill, in Station Road, Taunton.

After the incident came to light, he was called in to explain his actions to his line manager.

He claimed he believed he had parked legally on a single yellow line.

The person who spotted the incident said: "It's understandable that the police are able to do otherwise illegal things during an emergency.

"But buying a kebab is certainly not an emergency and his actions set a bad example to others.

"It might not be a major crime, but it doesn't do much for his credibility if he can flout the law and then he is expected to take action against anyone who breaks the law.

"It suggests he is taking advantage of his position.

"And to suggest he didn't realise it was a double yellow line is no defence - ignorance of the law is no excuse."

Somerset County Gazette:
ORDER: The officer in the Taunton kebab shop

An Avon and Somerset Police spokesman confirmed the officer had been spoken to.

He said: "We always expect our officers to park and drive legally and responsibly.

"On this occasion an officer has mistakenly parked briefly on double yellow lines thinking he was parking on single yellow lines while he bought refreshments.

"The matter has been raised with the officer’s supervisor and he has subsequently been given words of advice."