DRIVERS in some of the TA postcode areas are among the worst in the country, according to figures from the Department of Transport.

Three communities in the Taunton postal area are among the ten worst offenders when it comes to penalty points.

Regtransfers have analysed the statistics to show that the percentage of drivers in TA10, TA11 and TA14 clocking up points has put those areas near the top of the league of shame.

TA14, which covers homes in and around Norton-sub-Hambdon, in South Somerset, is second in the overall list, with 313 of its 2,458 licence holders - representing 12.7 per cent of those entitled to get behind the wheel - having offended. That's second only to Cleveland, which comes in at 13.6 per cent.

TA11 the Somerton area is ranked seventh, with 909 or 12.1 per cent of its 7,486 drivers accumulating points.

In ninth spot is TA10, covering the area in and around Langport, with 965 or 12.1 per cent of drivers having points.

Referring to the high number of drivers with points in the TA postcode area, a Regtransfers spokesman said: "Whilst this may be an indication of poor driving in the area, the increased number of drivers with penalty points may also be as a result of particularly efficient speed cameras in the area.

"Five camera sites in the Avon and Somerset area have captured almost 135,000 speeding drivers between 2016 and 2018, making them the most active speed cameras in the country."