RECENT cases dealt with by Taunton Magistrates' Courts include:

Andrew Alexander Sharland, 31, of Comeytrowe Road, Taunton, two counts of assault by beating, assault occasioning actual bodily harm, damaged a vehicle, community order, six months curfew, restraining order, £450 compensation. (G).

Tyler Aaron Smith, 24, of Wordsworth Drive, Taunton, assault by beating, £180 fine, £50 compensation, £30 victim surcharge, £775 costs. (G).

Kez Marke Hitchcock, 24, of Wardleworth Court, Wellington, two counts of assault by beating, £220 fine; assaulted a constable in the execution of their duty, £146 fine, £50 compensation; used threatening, abusive or insulting words or behaviour that was racially aggravated, £90 fine. (G).

(G) denotes guilty plea or admits offence. Details supplied by the courts.