JOHN Bercow, the Speaker to the House of Commons has, for the moment, put and end to the endless parliamentary to-ing and fro-ing on the subject of Brexit.

Let us review the facts:

1) The referendum was in favour of Brexit by a narrow majority of 4%

2) This enabled Mrs May to proceed with negotiations with the EU. She has brokered a deal which pleases no one but remains the only deal on the table.

3) The narrow majority of 4% did not give "No deal"a clear mandate to proceed as 48% of the population clearly did not wish to leave the EU.

4) There is no evidence from the referendum of 2016 that "No Deal" was supported by the full 52% of the electorate who voted for Brexit.

5) In summary, we have a deal which few support but remains the only option, other than "No deal", which has been rejected by Parliament.

6) Mrs May's deal bears no resemblance to those arguing for Brexit in 2016.

7) The leave arguments of 2016 have proved undeliverable.

8) Mrs May's deal is the practical answer to the 2016 referendum. It may not find favour in Parliament, we do not know if it finds favour in the country as a whole.

9) We are left with a choice of Mrs Mays deal to leave or to remain. This clearly has to be put to the people in a second referendum.

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Creech St Michael