I see that of the eight options presented to MP's yesterday, March 27, to try and break the deadlock on Britain's approach to its future relationship with the EU, you voted against all but one.

The only option that you are fully in favour of is to leave the EU on April 12th without a deal, in other words "No Deal".

This makes it very clear that you have aligned yourself with the far-right ERG sub-party of the Conservatives led by the North West Somerset MP Jacob Rees-Mogg, who commands a cohort of 90+ like-minded millionaire investment bankers and hedge fund managers who stand to profit enormously from taking Britain out of the EU at the expense of everyone below them in the food chain.

History will record just how contemptible the actions of these self-serving antagonists were, and your name will be there among them.

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In test after test, every conceivable version of Brexit is forecast to diminish this nation and its inhabitants, with the greatest damage incrementally inflicted upon those at the bottom of the food chain.

From respected economists to the CBI, from the example of global manufacturers pulling out to relocate in mainland Europe and from the disasters that you and I have witnessed on our high streets, you know it to be true that only the few at the top who have hedged their bets accordingly or are so wealthy that no matter what happens to the economy they will not be affected, are behind the conspiracy to lead our blindfolded nation off the cliff edge.

Jacob Rees-Mogg hides his wealth from the taxman in secret accounts offshore and is terrified of the new anti-avoidance laws that the EU hope to bring in during their next term.

This, despite his joy a few years ago at convincing your government to hand out millions of pounds of taxpayers money to him for the fixing of his parents roof, who happen to live in the largest private country palace in Europe.

You, by your self-declared allegiance to him, fall into the same category of people who I struggle to find a name for.

I wonder how many other of your constituents would share my difficulty in this respect?