STUDENTS at Taunton School got to learn the science of coding when a rare original coding machine was brought in.

The Second World War Enigma Machine was brought to the school, alongside mathematician and public speaker Dr James Grime.

He spoke to students aged 10 to 18 in a series of lectures and workshops about the secretive world of codebreaking.

On display was one of the original Enigma Machines, which is still in working order.

After a day of workshops where students were able to operate the Enigma Machine, Dr Grime gave a presentation to a full theatre of students, staff and parents that delved deeper into the world of code making and breaking.

Dr Grime is the current custodian of the machine.

The event was organised by Dr James Penny, Head of Science at Taunton School, who said: “The day was a great success, with a lot of students being involved and inspired by this incredible historic artefact.”